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March Visitor Tackles Tough Enrollment Realities, Parental Choices

Story by Visitor Staff

During the 2008-09 school year, the Columbia Union Conference claimed 5,853 students in its 101 K-12 Seventh-day Adventist schools. By the time the 2012-13 school year rolled around, overall enrollment dropped 11 percent to 5,232, and 12 schools closed. What’s going on here?
In the March edition of the Visitor magazine, reporter Taashi Rowe interviews dozens of parents, educators, pastors and other church leaders for two articles discussing Adventist education. In the article “Tough Questions,” educators weigh in on the issues affecting enrollment at Adventist schools and offer solutions for tough realities. In the article “Tough Choices,” four families share what influenced their decision when selecting a school for their children. Click here to read the articles. And once you’re finished reading, tell us what influenced your enrollment decisions by visiting us on Facebook or tweet us @VisitorNews and mention #columbiaunion.

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