Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

5 Ways Kenhorst Builds Community Relationships

Use these tips to build relationships in your community

Written by Debra McKinney Banks; Photo by Tamyra Horst​

1. Build trust. Don’t expect them to accept you with open arms initially. Be friendly and approachable.
2. Be patient—it will take some time. Christ’s method alone will bring true success. Spend time getting to know the community’s needs, and then meet them.
3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Consider volunteering with an already established nonprofit ministry or service agency.
4. Provide transportation. Many people don’t have reliable transportation. Figure out a way to meet these needs with a reliable, insured vehicle. You could even establish a carpool schedule.
5. Know someone on the inside. Consider the race, culture and/or language dynamics of the community. Establish a contact who is already a part of the community.

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