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Finding Unity in Mission

Editorial by Bill Miller

The book of Acts recounts the church’s ability to function together, as well as the struggles and successes encountered when a church body attempts to fulfill the Great Commission. While their involvement took some prodding from the Holy Spirit, they became active agents for the mission of heaven. In Acts of the Apostles, Ellen White reminds us that “one common interest controlled them—the success of the mission entrusted to them” (p. 70).

As Christians, we exist because God called His church to go. To grow in Jesus, and for His kingdom to grow, one common interest must define us—the mission that God has entrusted to us within our territory. Potomac Conference “exists to grow healthy, disciple-making churches.” With this as our mission statement and goal, all ministry and action taken in our offices, churches and schools works to push that mission forward. This mission gives purpose and unity.

How is the conference doing with the mission in which we have been challenged? How is your congregation responding to the call? Does one common interest control you as it did in Acts?

We recently completed video reports of how God’s mission is being fulfilled in our conference. These videos, which can be viewed at, include updates from our administration, pastoral ministries, youth, education and treasury teams. These reports are meant to inform and inspire as we collectively move forward in mission. What better mission is there than working together to bring souls to the kingdom and glory to the Most High?




Bill Miller serves as president of the Potomac Conference

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