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Be Bold

Editorial by Gary Gibbs

Are you interested in Bible studies?” It was a bold question for a senior member of a local church. When a salesman knocked on her door, her first response was, “It’s the Sabbath; I’m not interested.” But that morning I had preached a sermon that challenged the congregation to be bold. God used that message to spark this church member to ask the salesman if he would be interested in Bible studies.

“Actually, I am,” the young man replied.

“Would you like to go to church?” Another bold question. Was she really doing this?

“Yes, I would. Can I go with you?” he seemed sincerely interested.

This young man has now connected with a local Bible worker to begin Bible studies, all because one member took the time to be bold. Instead of closing the door, she asked a question that opened the opportunity to share the gospel and connect a seeker with Christ.

The Christian church exists today because early believers boldly shared their faith. Boldness is so essential to mission that the disciples specifically prayed for it. That their prayer was pleasing to God is evident in the mighty answer they received (see Acts 4:29-31).

What about you and your church? By being bold for God, we personally grow in Christ. And our churches grow. This year I want to challenge you to pray for boldness. Why? Because this young salesman is not the only one looking for more. Every day you and I pass people on the street, at work, at school, in the store, who have questions about God and want to know more about Him. They’re just waiting for someone bold enough to stop, talk and invite them to take the next step in building that relationship with God. Jesus is returning. Let’s be bold!


Gary Gibbs is the president of the Pennsylvania Conference

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