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The Closing of Doors Opens Up Others

Editorial by Eduardo Monteiro

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As the COVID-19 pandemic evolved, the doors of many businesses closed, from gyms, retail stores and restaurants to schools and houses of worship. This crisis, however, has widely opened what I consider to be “doors of opportunity.”

One door that was open long before stay-at-home orders was the door of online evangelism. This door didn’t suddenly open as a result of the pandemic. Many pastors, evangelists and ministries had an online presence already, even implementing the use of live streaming. So when churches had to adapt to an online presence, within days they figured out how to engage the congregation on social media, worship together and reach people for Jesus. I praise God we were forced to become more tech savvy.

Just this past May, the New Jersey Conference witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit working through online evangelism with “Encounters of Faith and Hope”—a live stream event aimed at encouraging people and sharing the hope of Jesus. Led by President Jorge Aguero, Personal Ministries director and speaker Carlos Torres and the support of many others, the project was a blessed success. It is amazing to see how many people and how far the gospel message can reach and transform lives. This message can indeed reach every internet-connected device, drawing people to the feet of Jesus. To God be the glory for this door of opportunity we have now entered. What other doors does God have waiting for us to walk through?

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