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"Miracle" Happens at Camp Mohaven

Mohaven Tree DownA good portion of the Ohio experienced severe storms during the past week. And, last weekend the storm took down a tree at Camp Mohaven Retreat and Conference Center in Danville. While not an unusual occurrence, the location of this downed tree was nothing short of miraculous, say witnesses.

Story by Heidi Shoemaker

Dave Robinson, Mohaven ranger, says "God's so good ... eight inches to the right would have taken out all chance of getting water...(the tree) missed our generator and missed the meter and well control." Something which would have sent the young summer campers home early.

"I think (this is) one of God's 'showing off' moments," says Karen Robinson, Dave's wife and associate treasurer at the conference. "To place the tree between the pole and generator - only the Lord's hand!"

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