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Former Union Publishing Associate Dies

Robert “Bob” LaGrone, who served the Adventist Church in the publishing work for more than 42 years, died earlier this month.

Story by Beth Michaels

He was a young adult convert into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but after converting soon started full-time literature evangelism work in the Southern Union as a way to help others discover God’s love.

GloriasFatherLaGrone later served as publishing director for the Central States and Allegheny East conferences, then finished his church career as associate publishing director for the Columbia Union Conference (1980-1995). He also served on many boards and committees, including the North American Division Publishing Board and Review and Herald Publishing Presidential Committee. Additionally, he participated in numerous studies of church history and its publishing work.

“Elder LaGrone is remembered with great fondness by those that worked with him here at the Columbia Union,” says Rob Vandeman, union executive secretary. “He was passionate about the publishing ministry and worked tirelessly to assist conferences with their literature evangelist programs. The impact of his passion and vision reached far beyond the boundaries of our union. ”

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