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Jared Wickerham/AP Images photographed Quincy and Jessica Sims for the Visitor Magazine

When three families shared personal struggles on social media, the prayer and support they received helped to turn their pain into purpose. Find out why they believe prayerful authenticity online can be a blessing and a witness, and why, thanks to social media, you never have to walk alone.

Brian Tagalog photographed Emil Peeler at Columbia Union Conference's Transformational Evangelism Conference.

"You have people coming each week and sharing their most precious non-renewable resource each week--Time.. Everything [in the church service] should be done with planning and purpose," says Emil Peeler, senior pastor at the Capitol Hill church in Washington, D.C.

Photo of Carlton Byrd at Transformational Evangelism by Brian Tagalog

"We are living in a post-modern post Christian society," said Carlton Byrd at the Columbia Union Conference's Transformational Evangelism event. "The trends are going to continue downward even though we can make statistics look however we want to look."

Please don’t let a whole group leave the church because you don’t accommodate how they worship. It is a principle, not a preference, said Elizabeth Talbot the Columbia Union Conference's Transformational Evangelism event.