Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Potomac Conference

"One Sabbath I was reading my Bible on the floor of our military housing. A captain came in and I could not hide. I started to pray—I could be imprisoned, even killed for having religious materials. When questioned, I did not get into trouble," says Bemnet Meried, an evangelist living in Virginia. "He said, “Good example.” That was one time on my Adventist journey when the Lord intervened."

Takoma Academy Week of Prayer

This spring Potomac Conference's Takoma Academy family accepted a mission that some might view as impossible. The Week of Prayer’s overall theme was, “What’s God Got to Do With it?!” As each youth faced this question, Lola Moore Johnston, senior pastor of the Woodbridge (Va.) church, challenged the students to figure out how God fits into the personal lives of young people.