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Adventist HealthCare, Montgomery County’s first and largest healthcare provider, has officially transferred ownership of Hackettstown Regional Medical Center in New Jersey to Atlantic Health System, based in Morristown, N.J.

Teresa Jorge is involved in the singing ministry at the Luso-Brazilian church in Newark. (photo credit – Jorge Pilco)

Teens, youth and youth leaders recently spent the weekend at the Tranquil Valley Retreat Center to participate in the Youth Convention & Teens Retreat. The three-day event, themed “Get Involved!,” offered more than 40 classes where leaders urged participants to get involved in their churches and in the community and work for the Lord.

The Lake Nelson School (LNS) has provided a Christ-centered quality education in the Piscataway area since 1959. LNS provides an education to a large portion of the conference and its surrounding communities. In 2011 the constituent churches, Lake Nelson church in Piscataway, and New Brunswick English church in New Brunswick, voted to expand the school to offer a full junior academy program.

Although only 14 teens participated this year, dozens have asked to join next year, Macena reports. Jessica Branda, 17 and a member of the Wayne church, says, “This experience brought so many benefits for my life: spiritual growth, so much fun and an opportunity to be a light in a stranger’s life.”

When John and Janelle Rivera decided to work with the Laurelwood church youth again, they only planned to revive the Pathfinder club. However, they ended up leading a group of young people of varying ages, from juniors to young adults, many of whom did not grow up in Seventh-day Adventist homes or didn’t take their faith seriously.

Los hispanos planifican un campestre

A pesar de que algunas asociaciones cancelaron sus campestres en lugar de la Sesión General en julio, muchos miembros hispanos en la Unión aún tienen planes de reunirse. A continuación algunos detalles para ayudarle a planificar:


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