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Columbia Union team participation in the annual test of Bible knowledge has more than doubled over the past year.

Story by Columbia Union Staff; Photos by Jeff Cooley

Story by Cristina Macena

As a 2009 graduate from the New Jersey Conference’s School of Evangelism, Mavie Brown loves to preach and help with outreach programs at her home church in Phillipsburg. She recently preached a sermon in her hometown. Brown did not preach in a church, school or community center. Instead she preached during a street fair.

“I’m so happy to let you know that the Caravan of Hope (Caravana de la Esperanza) is going way beyond all expectations!” wrote an excited Ruben Ramos, assistant to the Columbia Union president for Multilingual Ministries, in an email sent this morning. “When the week of evangelism and harvest was planned with the leadership of New Jersey Conference, we set a goal of 100 souls for the whole week.”