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News from our schools within the Mid-Atlantic region

To complete the puzzles and determine the best way to care for the patient, the students located clues that were tied to course lessons and concepts.

“Today’s students learn differently,” said Taryn Talbott. “This is a generation that has grown up with technology in their hands, so they don’t learn by regurgitating memorized facts on paper; they learn by reflecting on experiences. An escape room is a perfect way to bring learning to life.”

Siempre es un privilegio asistir a los ejercicios de graduación de nuestras cinco escuelas en la Asociación de Nueva Jersey. Después de un año lleno de desafíos y oportunidades, tengo la bendición de presenciar a estudi- antes, padres y educadores que comparten sus experiencias positivas.

As Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahama Islands last week, members of the Washington Adventist University (WAU) community prayed for family and friends on the island. They have now found a way to help!