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Tithe Envelope

Potomac Conference's Tithe Envelopes Answer Questions

Story by Tiffany Doss

When recently redesigning Potomac Conference's tithe envelopes, leaders took the opportunity to bring it life and answer common questions.

“The number one question I get asked when I visit churches throughout the conference is, ‘How is tithe distributed?’” says Tony Reyes, director for Stewardship and Planned Giving. “Since we often don’t get the opportunity to explain this to members face-to-face, we decided to use the tithe envelope as an information/education piece and provide a dynamic breakdown. We also wanted to promote different conference ministries, as well as the Adventist Giving app for those who only ‘speak mobile.’”

Reyes says the main goal was to put tithe- and offering-giving into perspective. “One of the most emotionally packed moments in the worship service is the moment the offering plate makes its way down the aisle,” he says. “We wanted for this piece to be a reminder of our gratitude toward our Creator. So we were intentional about adding, ‘Thank you, God’ to the front, in order to remind ourselves that all things come from Him. A grateful heart will always desire to advance the mission.”

President Bill Miller says he’s appreciative the envelopes provide greater clarity on distribution and add focus to conference priorities. “This envelope helps demonstrate four major priorities we as a conference will continue to focus on: education, evangelism, church planting and Camp Blue Ridge,” Miller explains.

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