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Maria’s parents were both killed during a civil war in a refugee camp in South Sudan. She was studying at an Adventist school with no walls or roof, no desk, hardly any books. Restore a Child helped build a new school at their refugee camp.

Poem: My Christmas and the Orphans

In commemoration of Orphans/Vulnerable Children’s Day, which the Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes as November 21, we're publishing a poem from a young Columbia Union member.
My Christmas and the Orphans
I have my Christmas tree,
And a happy family,
A smile for a while,
Winter gear for snow out here,
A home to call my own,
While others wish they were never born.
Waiting in the cold,
No comfy clothes,
No Christmas light,
No hope in sight,
No food to eat,
No shoes for their feet,
Is there a bed to lay their head,
Perhaps a sack instead?
Their Christmas is not done,
Until they are loved by someone.
Does anyone care
That there is no one to share?
Does anyone care
That they have no one out there?
Smiles and glee is what you'll see
When orphans are loved by me.
Megan Nashed
(a student at Spencerville Adventist Academy)

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