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Education Superintendent Rick Bianco (far left) stands with the Geography Challenge emcee, winners, spon- sors and judges.

Ohio Students Excel in Third Annual Geography Challenge

Story by Heidi Shoemaker

Geography. It encompasses so much more than states and flags and waterways. “It’s about cultures and people, not just about where they live, but about how and why they live,” shared Richard Bianco, Ohio Conference’s Superintendent of Education, during his welcome at the third annual Geography Challenge.

This year, 32 Ohio Conference students competed in the challenge, held at the Worthington church. Twelve students from grades 1–4; 18 from grades 5–8; and two from grades 9–12, had 20 seconds to answer each question, and were only allowed one “lifeline.”

Round after round, judges asked students questions or showed them images. Whomever made it through all 10 rounds were considered winners, who received a trophy and cash prizes. After some nail-biting rounds, the 2020 Geography Challenge winners were:

Grades 1–4
1st place: Nicholas Myers (Mount Vernon Elementary) 2nd place: Anthony Narog (Eastwood Junior Academy) 3rd place (tie): Nolan Hood (Toledo Junior Academy) and Xavier Verdugo (Toledo Junior Academy)

Grades 5–8
1st place (tie): Faith Babcock (Worthington Adventist Academy) and Laila Wisecup (Northern Ohio Adventist Academy)
3rd place (tie): Cameron Dulaney (Mansfield Adventist School); Noah Myers (Mount Vernon Elementary); Eleanor O’Grady (Northern Ohio Adventist Academy); and Rishi Reddy (Toledo Junior Academy)

Grades 9–12
1st place: Ayden McCoy (Spring Valley Academy)
2nd place: Thomas Hoover (Zanesville Adventist School)


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