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Give of Yourself This Holiday Season

Story by Mike Gill, New Jersey Conference ACS Director

The church calendar becomes very busy toward the end of the calendar year, with special music programs, pageants, feasts and more. Unfortunately, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we often become self-indulgent. One valuable way to avoid holiday excesses is to address the needs of those around us: “If we would indulge less in feasting and merriment upon these occasions, and instead make them the means benefiting humanity, we should better meet the mind of God” (Ellen White, Review and Herald, December 11, 1879, par. 6).

Serving through Adventist Community Services (ACS) often provides the best way to represent Christ. Most churches already have an active Community Service Department, whose leaders are often overburdened leading up to the holidays.

Along with ACS, the New Jersey Conference also has the Second Acts Community Service Center. Many church members, schools and even local community members volunteer their time making holiday gift baskets and home-baked cookies.

If your church or conference does not have an organized ministry of compassion, get one started so that you can begin to serve others as the hands and heart of God.

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