Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Pastor Franke Zollman displays an artifact.

Churches Dig Into Biblical Truth, Evangelism

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Many churches around the Columbia Union are hosting community-focused fall evangelism meetings as part of the recently announced “Share the Light—Share the Hope” evangelism initiative. 

Chesapeake Conference's Atholton church in Columbia, Md., hosted one of these meetings. In addition to Senior Pastor Franke Zollman's presentations, titled "In Search of Meaning: Archaeology and the Bible," attendees were invited to see his collection of artifacts from Bible times.

Venue to Evangelism

Ohio Conference's Lorian church is hosting prophecy meetings with speaker Pastor Randy Barber.

Pastor Michael Stough, II, Disciple Ohio coordinator, reports that while planning the event, Barber couldn't find a suitable space. But after stopping by Black Water Landing, which seemed to be ideal, an employee told them that the venue is booked two years in advance. After walking out, he walked back in, and said, "Would you humor me and look in your [calendar] and see what's available at the end of September/beginning of October?"

To the employee's surprise, the space was free during those exact times, and, opposed to other venues that required setup and tear-down each night, it offered the convenience of being able to keep the meeting setup during the entire time they rented the space. 

Leaders report that 40 of the 100 first night attendees were guests from the community. More guests have joined since then.

Stough notes that it is important for members to regularly engage in evangelism, including friendship evangelism. "We aren't just coming to church to sit and worship and fellowship, which are important," he said. "We have this powerful message, but what is it accomplishing if it is just sitting on the shelf gathering dust?"


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