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How Can You Help a Loved One With Depression?

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Marissa Leslie, M.D., medical director of Adventist HealthCare’s Behavioral Health division in Gaithersburg, Md., says depression should be viewed more like a very severe flu, a serious illness not dependent on faith.

We don’t tell people with the flu to just pray. We tell them to sleep and drink plenty of water. And we ask how we can help.”

In addition to the powerful tool of prayer, here are a few tangible things she suggests to help loved ones dealing with depression:

  1. Be supportive of them seeing a doctor
  2. Offer to drive them to appointments, which can help them overcomea  fear of going to an appointment
  3. Connect them to a support system
  4. If we've experienced depression ourselves, talk about that experience
  5. Bring something enjoyable to them, like a meal
  6. Offer to go on a walk with them

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