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5 Lessons Learned as a Pastor's Spouse

5 Lessons Learned as a Pastor's Spouse


1. Be You.

“It’s OK to be you. I truly thought I was going to have to change my whole way of life. People truly appreciate me being me and not trying to be somebody I’m not.”—Kathy Pepper


2. Be Humble.

“[I’ve learned] humility, and how to [be] OK in a supporting role.”—Jeremy Wong


3. There’s Joy in Giving.

“It’s all about others, and glorifying God helps them in the struggles, sadness and difficulties of life. God showed me when you help others in their pain and sadness, it gives me joy, and my own sadness becomes much less.”—Elizabeth David


4. Only Jesus Saves.

“I don’t need to solve other people’s problems. I’m not their savior. I’m happy to point them to what has helped me.”—Priska Volpe


5. Stay Within Your Gifts.

“We have to use our gifts to further the gospel. If we are not doing that, are we truly being led by God? ... I think church members can pressure you to do certain things, and, if that is not what God has asked you, it is OK. It takes a while to determine if that is what God has asked and then be bold enough to say ‘no.’”—Cindy Washington

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