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Kettering College’s first Giving Day raised over $59,000 which supports the advancement of Kettering College and its students.

Kettering College Holds First Giving Day

Story by Lauren Brooks

Kettering College (KC) recently held their first Giving Day. During those 24 hours, students, alumni, and friends of the college came together to make a difference for future generations of KC students, while celebrating 50 years of excellence, service and innovation.  

KC Giving Day gave people the opportunity to monetary pledge toward three different funds: the Kettering College fund, the Kettering College General Scholarship fund, and the Kettering College Student Assistance fund, all which support students in need at the college. This event raised over $59,000, which doubled the initial goal of $25,000.

Throughout the day college staff distributed pastries and popcorn to students while they visited in the lobby. Kettering College students also had the opportunity to write thank you notes to donors on special postcards created for the event, as well as take photos in the KC Giving Day photo booth.

“If it were not for the student assistance fund helping students with immediate needs, I believe many would have been forced to drop out,” says Susan Price, program director of sonography.

The opportunity to pledge was open online until the end of December. Kettering College is immensely grateful for all the support and donations that were given. A look back at the college’s history shows its commitment to excellence in education, pursuit of innovations in the future of healthcare, and passion for service. Many Kettering College graduates go on to serve in the most in-demand areas of healthcare and the funds raised at KC Giving Day will make a lasting impact on future generations of healthcare professionals. 

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