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Kettering Adventist HealthCare Navigates the Storm

Story by Christina Keresoma

Health care is a constantly changing environment. New technology brings new machines and procedures, and new buildings are designed with efficiency in mind. New diseases and infections are treated, while new viruses challenge the very heart of our health care systems. The coronavirus pandemic—COVID-19—was just that. Kettering Adventist HealthCare (KAHC) in Ohio came together to navigate this evolving threat that is genderless, raceless, faceless, classless, sexless, and nondenominational.

KAHC faced the virus head on by establishing an Incident Command Center led by network executives, nursing leaders, physicians, infection control, human resources, finance, communications, information technology, and many other departments. Teams worked around-the-clock to help manage the quickly changing situation by adjusting operations to ensure KAHC was positioned to provide the best care to our community.

Through the leadership of the Incident Command Center, important initiatives were instituted, including:
• New visitor restrictions to help protect our patients and caregivers
• Work-from-home flexibility for non-clinical departments
• Coordination and support of child care for essential staff
• Surgeries suspended for nonlife-threatening procedures, allowing equipment and rooms to be ready

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