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80 Princesses Have Tea With Jesus

Photograph courtesy Pennsylvania Conference Photograph courtesy Pennsylvania Conference

80 Princesses Have Tea With Jesus

Story by Pennsylvania Conference Staff

I know why they have the princess tea,” a little girl said to her grandmother as they headed to Pennsylvania Conference’s annual Princess Tea for little girls under age 12.

“Why?” the grandmother asked.

“Because they want us to know that we are Jesus’ princesses,” she responded.

That’s the message conference leaders want little girls, their moms and grandmothers to hear when they attend this event filled with stories, crafts, activities and finger sandwiches. More than 80 “princesses” attended this year’s event (some pictured), which featured a new theme song written by Tamyra Horst, conference Women’s Ministries director. “My hope is that they go home singing about Jesus calling them His princesses and designing them perfectly for His plan for them,” she says.

Horst and her 7-year-old niece, Kaleigh Horst, created a princess booklet filled with questions and activities for the little girls to do at home. Horst drew a variety of princesses—some with glasses, all with different colored hair and skin—a reminder that princesses come in all shapes, sizes and interests.

On the way home from the event, one little princess stopped at a store with her mom. At the checkout, she told the cashier, “I just went to a princess tea party.”

By the end of the conversation, “the lady was smiling and Sara was not shy about sharing about Jesus— it was great!” shares the princess’s mom.

Horst’s resource outlining ideas for a princess tea is available as a free download at

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