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On our descent down Mount Rainier, we made our way around the Wilson Glacier and crisscrossed the Nisqually Glacier, trying to avoid the many open crevasses, however, came to a crevasse we could not go around. We located a snow bridge to traverse over. After testing the bridge, we decided it was safe to cross. When it was my turn to go over, the snow bridge collapsed. I fell 14 feet and became wedged in the crevasse, upside down.

Paolo Moyani joins Pastor Junnie Pagunsan outside the Far West End church.

For a several years, Paolo Moyani experienced double vision and headaches. Doctors told him he simply needed glasses. Upon moving to the United States, Moyani says an ophthalmologist was alarmed at his description of his vision problems and ordered him to go to the hospital. After an MRI, they made a shocking discovery—a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball.

Restore a Child, a nonprofit organization founded by Potomac Conference member Norma Nashed in 1999, was recently selected to participate in a special task force that will recognize and defend orphans and others with special needs as a new global outreach by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.