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FINDING PURPOSE IN UNCERTAIN TIMES,  six weekly vespers, 5 p.m. PST. Online at and Mark your calendar for worldwide speakers: October 10–Leading: Linda Becker, Ella Simmons, Andrea Luxton, Olive Hemmings, Helen Staples-Evans; October 17–Self-care: Sheryll Prinz McMillan, Beverly Buckles, Anita Roberts, Jamie Stodola, Rita Mercer; October 24–Ministering, Sandy Roberts, Hyveth Williams, Lola Moore-Johnston. Marianne Dyrud, Bev Maravilla; October 31–Serving: Norma Nashed, Joy Butler, Sandra Brooks, Elina Camarena, Cynthia Prime; November 7–Health: Pam Townend, Sarah Aratai, Gwen Winston-Foster, Nerida Bates M.D., Amanda Maggard, Richelle Wooley M.D., Kathy Hayes-Arct;  November 14–Community: Keisha McKenzie, Lori Barker, Yamileth Bazan, Summer Medina, Bronica Taylor, and Melody Tan. (10/8)



ELTERNHAUS ASSISTED LIVING, Adventist family-owned and  -operated, provides specialized care from independent to total-care residents in a family setting. Delicious vegetarian food, activities, Friday night vespers and a shuttle to church Sabbath morning, just to name a few of the many options. Visit us at Elternhaus also offers a great work environment for Adventist caregivers, LPNs and RNs. Call Tim Mayer, (240) 286-3635. (8/10)