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Car Salesman Scores Trade-in of a Lifetime

Story by Jermey N. A. Matthews; Photo by Claudette Smith​

Everyone knows the economy is at best limping along, so why would someone with his career on the rise, walk away from a job, to honor a church doctrine he abandoned several years ago? That’s the choice that Adrian Mundle, a used car sales manager with more than 18 years of experience, faced in September when he became a baptized member of the Allegheny East Conference Metropolitan church in Hyattsville, Md. Mundle was one of 113 people who took a stand for Christ after attending the church’s two-week “Lifted” evangelism series.
Originally from Jamaica, Mundle grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist home. In church he watched his grandfather, father and mother preach. He was baptized at the age of nine, but shortly after moving to Maryland at age 15, Mundle says he began a habit that led him away from the church—working on Sabbaths. The decision he had to make in September was not an easy one. He had a secure position and the respect of his bosses. But Mundle knew all that would be in jeopardy the moment he requested Saturdays off. Mundle shares more about his story below:
Question: Prior to your baptism, what was your relationship with God like?
Answer: Growing up, I was active in the church, but my relationship with God wasn’t something I took seriously. I was young. I figured I could get serious later. But as I grew older, and as I drifted away from God and the church, I wanted to come back so badly that I prayed for God to close doors [so I wouldn’t] have to work on the Sabbath.
Q: So how did you discover Metro church and the “Lifted” series?
A: A friend who goes to Metro told me about locating the church’s sermons on
After listening to the messages, I knew God was answering my prayer for Him to close doors, so I told my general manager I wanted to go back to church. He tried to discourage me, but I had made up my mind. That was a Saturday. By Monday, he called me in the office and told me that things weren’t working out and that they would have to let me go. I went from the owner [of the dealership] inviting me to use his suite at Redskins games to not having a job.
Q: So you decided to be baptized; how does it feel to be a part of such a large response?
A: Something that big doesn’t happen without the Holy Spirit moving. It feels good to be part of something ordained by God. The only sad part was that my mother was not there. (Mundle made a spontaneous decision to be baptized on the second Sabbath of the “Lifted” crusade.)
Q: Now that you’ve rededicated your life to Christ, what’s next?
A: Since I’ve been out of a job, I’ve registered at University of Maryland to study accounting. [In church] I’ve done a few Sabbath School mission stories, I’m training with MMM [Metropolitan Media Ministries] and I’m also an usher.
But I just want to continue to learn more from the Bible. I’m praying for the help of the Holy Spirit. When I got baptized, my sister reminded me that [as a young boy] I always used to say I would preach a Revelation seminar series before I die. Now that I’m re-baptized, I’ll say that I want to preach several Revelation seminars because I don’t want to give the devil any ideas.
Story reprinted with permission from the December 2011 Metropolitan Voice, which is a publication of the Metropolitan church.

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